A stroll down memory lane!

As my friend and I were chatting the other day we realized…we are more than HALF WAY done with our adventure at ISU! As a matter of fact, in a few months we will be SENIORS! It feels like time has flown by here and like freshman year was just yesterday! But speaking of freshman year, those were some of the BEST times of college. I started my freshman year in June 2008 with a program called APEX. I stayed with 49 other students in the suites, took classes, and got to know the university! This was a wonderful experience and I have stayed close with most of the students I met there!

Freshmen year I met a lot of wonderful friends and have grown with them throughout this experience! That year I was involved in the National Society of Black Engineers as the program’s chair and even tried out to be a hockey cheerleader! I learned what VEISHEA was all about and had my very first university job as an office assistant in the College of Engineering! I went to my very first ISU football game in the fall and traveled to the basketball games in the winter! I lived in the residence halls and went to lunch and dinner with my housemates! Freshman year was all about new experiences and discovering what fits you best as an Iowa State student!

When we tell you ‘choose your adventure at Iowa State,’ YOU can do just that! 🙂

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