Health – let’s invest in it.

You have to spend a little in order to earn a little. I have heard that more than once. Call it investing, start-up costs, etc., how ever you’re inclined to name it I think it would be alright if we asked ourselves how this applies outside of an economics lecture hall.

Recently, I have been going to the Lied Recreation Center. To be honest I thought it was closed and under renovation after the flood that soaked Ames this past year. Nonetheless, I checked out the website and found that this was not the case, though some of the more damaged areas are still being tended to. Outside of that, it is open and the large majority of it at that – basketball and soccer courts, track, weight rooms, locker rooms, everything you need to break a sweat. When I showed up I was unsure of where everything was located and I told the desk clerk just that. The guy gave me a tour and told me all about the going-ons. I also didn’t know just how many activities, intramural sports teams, and group fitness classes that go on. Yoga, aerobics, step, you name it, it is there!

Between you and I, I don’t push myself to the extreme when I am at Lied – you won’t see me maxing out on a bench press or sprinting with weights on my ankles. An hour or so and I call it a day. With just this little amount of time though I have noticed my energy levels rising. Spend a little to start earning right? I think anything you can do helps with that, even if it is light exercise in short periods. Last semester I was not quite on the ball due to work and class. This semester I am working a little less and exercising in turn, so far the trade off has been well worth it – no price on feeling better!

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