Last semester and a career change. Don’t be scared. Well maybe a little scared.

I am that college student. In the dark, floating from major to major, chasing a very elusive degree. If anyone had told me how many times I would change my major and that I would even do so in my graduating semester, I would have been speechless. BA in Psychology – one semester. BA in Music – three semesters. BA in General Studies – one online semester. BA in English – one semester. BA in Spanish – four semesters. Now finally, that I actually have a degree’s requirements nicely checked off, I will be sticking around. Why? Career change. Let me tell you, it is never too late.

What do you do with a degree in Spanish? I did not know exactly what I was planning to use it for when I started. What I did know was that while traveling in South America the language captured me. When I came to ISU I saw the study abroad programs in México and I was sold almost immediately. I went there and nearly broke my head in immersing myself in the language for six months. Five days a week, 8 hours a day of class. That is ignoring the fact that you leave the campus and are still surrounded by the language and culture. I jumped in, got soaked, and now I have a more than decent grasp on the language. Don’t ask for too many details though, it kind of all blurs together and all of a sudden I want to eat street tacos.

Nonetheless, I returned state-side with my head mostly intact and found myself on campus with just two semesters left. Having knocked one down, I am here on my futon contemplating just how circuitous my degree path has been. I submitted my graduation application and it felt great, a little strange, but great. However, over the past month or so I have realized just what I am going to use this BA of Spanish for. I’m going to help people out medically. Tomorrow I will withdraw that application for just another couple of semesters to fill out this BA of mine and get myself ready to take a shot at a medical profession.

I asked myself, “Can I do it?” I thought, “Why not?”

I then talked to the good people at Catt Hall and said, “Hey, last minute change of plans – can we make it work?” They said, “Why not?”

Take your time in a ridiculously long way to figure out what to do with your degree? I say sure, good things don’t come easy or overnight. Maybe not even in 10 semesters for that matter…

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