MY adventure at ISU!!

Ok…I think I finally got back into the swing of things for the new semester! It took me long enough right? I have a lot going on this semester and am excited for it all! I am in TSM (Technology Systems Management) 363 which involves working with electricity – we are currently studying circuits! I am also taking TSM 240 which is a manufacturing class and will soon be learning how to weld! I have already learned so many new things, and am enjoying the twists and turns of my major. It is very diverse and I take a wide variety of classes! I am also taking a first aid class and tomorrow must provide CPR on an infant (no worries it’s a doll! ;)). Although I am a safety major I take classes in first aid, biology, chemistry, and manufacturing!

Along with the academic side of things, I am also starting my research this semester. I will be working with Dr. Gary Mirka (Associate Dean for the College of Engineering) to study the effect of different lifting techniques and a fixed plane. Overall my goal is to explore the depths of research and learn a little bit more about occupational safety and ways to prevent lower back pain! With every semester at Iowa State comes a new challenge, and I must admit that is both scary and exciting!

My first test of the semester is tomorrow! Even though this week is busy, I still have some studying to do! That’s what ISU is all about – academic and personal fun! 🙂

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