A little more about my research!

All this talk of research conferences, I’m sure your wondering what is her research even about?!?! I have officially started collecting my data and am having lots of fun with my project!!! It’s great to get the chance to do research during my undergraduate years! 🙂

Here is a look at what I’m doing….

Our goal is to be able to compare trunk kinematic and kinetic performance among different techniques. We ask the subject wear a device (Lumber Motion Monitor: LMM) that goes along his/her spine to measure trunk motion. When the experiment begins the subject is asked to stand onto the deck of the ship motion simulator (SMS) 60 cm away to the side from the middle line. The SMS is tilted at a +/- 6 degree incline and will remain that way for the different series of lifting techniques. The motion of the SMS involves one amplitude and one fixed frequency (the natural frequency of the SMS, about 0.59 Hz) at the standing point of the participant. A box with good handles is set on the deck with handle height 25 cm above ground level. One level of box weight will be involved (5 kg). There are 3 different lifting techniques used that result in each participant performing a lift three times.  The lifting style assigned to each trial is in a completely randomized order to form a completely randomized design.

When data collection starts for each trial, subjects will have enough time to become accustomed to the deck motion and then perform tasks that involve lifting the box up to their waist level and lowering the box onto the deck. The timing of the lifts is cued from the experimenter by saying “Lift!”  Each trial involves four consecutive lifting and lowering tasks under the same lifting condition. After each trial the SMS returns to a stationary position and subjects are given 30 seconds of resting time.

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