A new year is coming…

Hey everyone!

It seems like I’ve been disconnected from the world these past few days since school let out! I went back home to Puerto Rico as I mentioned in a previous post, and I gotta say, I’ve needed that SO much. I’ve visited friends at their houses, gone Christmas shopping, spent time with the family at home, played with my cat, etc. And on top of it all, I’ve done major relaxing. However, although half of our holiday break is gone and I still have some days left, I am beginning to feel the anxiety of being back in Ames and starting all over with a new year and a new semester.

Shopping with friends!

No matter how much you try to pack your schedule of things to do and people to see when you’re on break, at least I never get to do it all! Time IS short, but for this new year’s sake, I outlined a couple of things I want to get done before I go into serious anxiety attack! Hahaha -sigh- the drama.

1. Healthy Living! – I’m very into serious working out and eating healthy lifestyle, but I wasn’t always like this so I want to keep it up!

2. Go to New York – I’ve never been there! But I love the city, and I have an opportunity to go if I am chosen to attend the NCORE Conference of Race and Ethnicity which will be held there this upcoming summer.

3. Kill Organic Chemistry– People speak horrible things of this class, but now it’s my turn to face it this Spring 2012 semester!

4. Figure where my future is taking me– Sort of. I want to finally know for sure where I’m headed and to stop doubting once and for all!

5. Do something I really love– Launch a blog about fashion and style 🙂

6. PERFORM! – A couple of my friends and I are planning on joining Dub H at the university, you know? The hip hop dance club? 😉 We’re going to choreograph and perform at the end of the semester!

7. Be a good friend, a good person– My ultimate goal in life. Always.

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