Another Semester Coming to a Close…

It is hard to believe how fast this semester went. It seems like just a few weeks ago everyone was moving back into Ames. There was still the excitement of homecoming to look forward to as well as a whole football season ahead. There are so many fun memories from this semester as well as a few classes I really enjoyed.

This fall I decided to explore what it would be like to major in Global Resource Systems.  This major is unique because it is a major full of people who have a genuine interest in wanting to make a difference in the lives of others not only in the U.S. but globally as well. Perhaps one of my favorite classes pertaining to this major was Agronomy 342, World Food Issues with Steven Fales. It was insightful about different ways in which we can slightly alter our lives (focusing on sustainability) which can contribute to a global impact towards helping those around the world living without food. Although this class doesn’t count towards my major, I think that having to meet an international perspective requirement is really helpful in becoming a more rounded individual during the few years we are in college.

Some of my favorite memories include the  warm months early on in the semester when I could call up some friends and we could start a game of sand volleyball while grilling out. I loved participating in homecoming and being a part of the success my fraternity saw as a result of our efforts. I also really enjoyed being able to carry on my role as a Cyclone Aide, helping with Iowa State visit days and orientations. I am going to miss all my friends who are graduating this fall or who will be studying abroad this next semester. I’m slightly jealous but not ready to leave ISU quite yet. Overall, I enjoyed another awesome semester at Iowa State! Thank you to everyone who contributed to my overall experiences and lessons learned throughout the semester.

Happy Finals Week!

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