Family Fun

Greetings from Illinois!

So far, my family has had quite the jam-packed Christmas weekend! With fourteen of us together in the same house, it’s hard not to find a way to have a good time.

Here, we went for a “girls’ day” at a coffee place in town. Good hot chocolate, not very expensive. PERFECT!

Coffee Day

From left to right: my cousin, Maria, my aunt Tracy, my mom, Dawn, and my aunt Sharon.

Our girls’ day was actually more of a girls’ morning, since we hurried back for some lunch at White Castle, which is kind of a big deal for the family. (I had Panda Express, since I miss eating it at the Memorial Union on campus. Haha!)

From lunch we went to an ice skating rink!

Ice Skating

Look at how cute all of us cousins are! Anyway, in an earlier video, I mentioned I’d make sure to let you all know how my next ice skating adventure went. So, I only fell once, as opposed to twice last time! I’m pretty proud. (Even though I fell in the last two minutes, so that’s kind of depressing.) An interesting thing about this ice skating endeavor was I spotted a kid wearing an Iowa State sweatshirt! Turns out he is a Cyclone fan! Just proof that Cyclone spirit can be found all over! 🙂

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