88.5 the KURE!

In the basement of Friley resides 88.5 the KURE!

KURE 88.5 is student-produced and student-managed radio station, broadcast at 88.5 MHz to the Iowa State/Ames community and online. They provide our community with a wide range of musical genres alongside live broadcasts of Cyclone sporting events, news programs, and talk shows.  KURE offers a killer opportunity for experience in radio broadcasting and business operation to the all-volunteer student staff. They allow students to become involved through numerous positions and the Black Student Alliance even has their own show on Saturday afternoons!

One of their most popular events is Kaleidoquiz! Kaleidoquiz (KQ) is a 26 hour radio contest put on by KURE. The very first KaleidoQuiz, held in 1967, was only 12 hours long (the station went off air at midnight) and was already making waves. So many people were calling in to answer over the air questions that the phone system went haywire and it was almost impossible to place a call on campus the entire afternoon.

As years went by and KQ grew in size and importance (it was once the largest radio trivia game in the world), people began to notice!!  National Public Radio did a story on the KQ phenomenon in the 1970’s. During one of the famous traveling questions, over a hundred cars descended upon a small Iowa town and terrified the locals as they searched for their answer. That’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself!!

The ISU tradition of KQ has evolved over the years. KQ is now packed with many more sub contests through the night. While the teams are answering the normal trivia questions every 6 minutes throughout the night, they are also scrambling to finish scavenger hunts. At the same time teams have to try to recognize a song/movie in the montages or perform some odd task. Today KQ is 26 hours long and still as fun for students! I have never participated, but I have met teams who have and they seem to really enjoy KQ! For students living in Friley, you get to walk past the station everyday! 🙂

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