February is Black History Month!

So if you didn’t know, February is Black History Month! I’ve decided, in light of this fact, to share some information I have learned about the various opportunities available to black and multicultural students at Iowa State.

  1. George Washington Carver was the first African American graduate of Iowa State University. He is known for coming up with over 300 uses of the peanut. He was also a professor here at Iowa State.
  2. A great scholarship opportunity for minority freshmen directly from high school is the Carver, George Washington Tuition Scholarship. 100 awards are given out, this is a scholarship that you want to apply for early because it is awarded on first come, first serve basis.
  3. The Multicultural Student Affairs Office is a great resource for multicultural students. They offer career advice, supplemented tutoring, a study space in the Memorial Union, and plenty of opportunities to get involved in promoting diversity around ISU. Check out their website and some of the additional things they have to offer.
  4. Of course I am going to mention something about about the Greek community. Iowa State also has some fraternities and sororities that are considered traditionally black. Currently, there are 6 traditionally black fraternities and sororities which compose the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Some of these chapters compose what is known as the “Divine 9.”

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