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On Friday, March 2, Iowa State University hosted ISCORE, which stands for the Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. Since I’m one of the students who will be attending NCORE 2012 (National Conference on Race and Ethnicity) in New York this summer, I attended a small reception in the Memorial Union. The NCORE alumni who attended the national conference last year in San Francisco, were also there, and spoke about some of their experiences. Afterwards, we were introduced as the new delegates.


After the introductions were made, there was a small discussion hosted by alumni and administrative members, as well as the Asian Pacific American Awareness Coalition (APAAC) about the recent issues brought by the Iowa State Daily’s Just Sayin’ last week. If you’re not aware of what happened, you can read Nathan’s post here.

It’s no secret that sometimes people may feel empowered by anonymity to make mean and even racist remarks. It’s easy to do when you’re hiding behind a curtain. This brought a lot of issues to the Iowa State Daily, because Iowa State has never had a reputation of being racists (there’s actually an overall acceptance of diversity on this campus), and Iowa State obviously does not want to be seen as a university where this sort of alienation happens for any ethnic community. The discussion that was held addressed many of these concerns and prompted the students to engage in conversation with each other.

These are some of the ways Iowa State University promotes diversity in the university community! 🙂

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