Who is Jeff Johnson?

Nakeesha and Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson is an amazing leader and someone that I am very proud to say is a part of the Cyclone Family!! If you ever get a chance to talk with him, definitely take advantage of it.

He is a great man and sure to be remembered as a distinguished African American leader at Iowa State University. He is currently working on his PhD and here is some information about his dissertation:

“Predominantly white colleges and universities over the past few decades have shown greater interest and commitment to building more racially diverse student bodies on their campuses.  These same institutions are also facing the need to better engage a larger population of its graduates as active and engage alumni.  Therefore, with many of these racially diverse students going on to graduate from these institutions, the majority of these non-White alumni do not go on to become active, dues-paying members of their campuses’ alumni associations.  My doctoral dissertation will take a completely different approach.  I intend to study a group of African American alumni of a predominantly white, mid-Western, land grant university who did chose to join their alma mater’s general alumni association.  While the findings won’t be transferrable to other campuses, it will provide higher education institutions and the alumni profession with information that could speak to the motivations of these alumni and their experiences.  This is ground-breaking, qualitative research that I am excited to bring to higher education, my profession, and the alumni engagement dialogue.”  -Jeff Johnson, President and CEO, Iowa State University Alumni Association.

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