The Fashion Show 2012. A story.

Well, well, well… if it’s not all you fashionable ladies and gentlemen ;).

Did you go to The Fashion Show this year? This was my first time going, and boy was it an odyssey. First, I didn’t have anything to wear worthy of The Fashion Show, so I went to the mall…came back empty handed. I finally settled on a maxi dress that had been sitting in my closet for some time, and decided it was the perfect excuse to wear it :).

Second, my hair was looking horrendous. So, I went to my friend Joris’ room to borrow her flat iron, and get all dolled up with her.

Boy, was the third thing bad. When we went outside, ready to conquer the world with our looks … it looked the sky decided to boycott The Fashion Show. It was black and pouring! There were even tornado warnings on the forecast! “If we’re going to die, we’ll at least know what’s IN for Fall 2013!” Joris said. LOL. And you think I’m the dramatic one.

Goodbye silky hair, I spent an hour on you, but that’s OK. Hello wet dress, hello wet heels! Plus, you know…waiting for Cyride is no fun when it’s pouring outside! We arrived about 20 minutes late, forgot our IDs so we didn’t get the student discount, and we looked like wet puppies. We started laughing so hard just so we didn’t cry!

Regardless, it was the most fun we had this weekend. And like my friend Coralis said, “Oh well, the lesson for the day is…we can totally rock the wet look in style.” Haha.

Fashion Show 2012

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