Life Update: Killing it in KC!

I feel like it’s been far to long since I’ve checked in with what I’ve been up to! I’ll be entering my 5th week of my internship at Hallmark and I absolutely love it here! My plant location celebrated it’s 40 year anniversary this past weekend with a carnival for families and employees. Here I am with YoYo (Of Hoops and YoYo)!

LDC 40

As for my life during the weekends, let’s just say they are full of activity! Last weekend I went to several concerts and an art fair. I saw Starkid on their Apocalyptour at the Uptown Theater as well as the Buzz Beach Ball at the LIVESTRONG Stadium. My roommate and I got to see The Shins, Flogging Molly, Metric, The Dirty Heads, Foster the People and many others! Even better, I only got a little sunburned!


Beach Ball

Life is pretty chill here! I feel like I’m just barely scratching the surface of all the amazing things  I can do here, so my apologies if my postings are sporadic. I’m probably off having fun somewhere. 😉

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