What I saw on “Ooh-Motional Vechicle”

After talking about this event at Odyssey of the Mind, I decided to go to one of the events myself and see how creative these kids are. Wow! You end up seeing things you never imagined. I had a good time on the “Ooh-Motional Vehicle Challenge”. I spent a little more than an hour at the Great Hall (Memorial Union) and I saw some interesting things. To refresh your minds, the kids had to create some sort of vehicle that can “express emotions” and present it on a sketch also made up by them.

This first team I saw was from China, and they treated “pollution” as their problem. Apparently everyone was excited to see them (I think they were one of the favorites) so it was very crowded. They did a really good job! Their vehicle didn’t actually change emotions, but changed into different animals that expressed that certain emotion. Very creative in my opinion!


The next team, from the United States presented some sort of “story-telling” sketch. Each “story” was so different that you end up asking yourself “how in the world…?”, haha!


Also from the US, this team chose deforestation as the topic of their sketch. What I like about this one was the vehicle. Funny expressions and the way the head rolled to change…wow! Ohhh! And this kid in brown rapped a song against deforestation. Didn’t see that coming!


And the last team for the day! Their sketch involved “spies” and “secret agents”. Reminded me of Inspector Gadget and they made me laugh a lot! That vehicle! The lights expressed the vehicle’s emotions and it was really great! The mouth, tears, etc. It was actually really cool!


Props to the girls of the “chorus”. Every time something happened or they changed places, these girls would come up to sing and dance about the “situation”! Also, reminded me of Phineas & Ferb with a combination of the movie Hercules (remember the Muses? Well…just like that)…ohhh, I enjoyed this one a lot! VERY FUNNY 🙂



Each of the teams had their “unique touch” and I admire them for coming up with such creative ways to make this certain vehicle they had to build…and the sketches! Certainly the kids have a really good sense of humor. Again, an afternoon very well spent. Loved this event very much and I’ll enjoy it all over again in three years when these kids come again! 🙂

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