by Jake

First Exams At Iowa State

Hello everyone,

Just completed my first exams at Iowa State in accounting and human diversity. I will say I was freaking out last night and trying to cram.  I ended up waking up early this morning to study as well.

When I first walked in, the proctors met me at the door to assign me a seat and gave me the test.  Upon completing the test I had to go turn the test in and show my student ID. They then matched it to my bubble sheet to make sure everything was in order to be graded correctly.

I believe I was nervous for nothing.  It was just like tests at my past college. The only thing different was showing my ID and remembering what seat number I sat in to get my test back next class.

So my advice: study and keep up with your reading and DO NOT forget either your student ID or drivers license. Remember your student ID number.  I think my exams went well!

Take Care!

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