My Cyclone Aide Adventure

Hi! My name is Michaela and I’m a junior majoring in history. I want to tell you about my Cyclone Aide adventure!

Cyclone Aide Michaela

Two summers ago I was selected to become one of Iowa State’s elite leaders, a Cyclone Aide! This was an opportunity to become a strong leader, interact with thousands of new students and families, and learn about Iowa State’s fascinating history and traditions through our spring leadership course. Being part of a “family” of 32 student leaders, I made many lifelong friends and had many fun adventures. Living on campus for an entire summer was so much fun. The fellow Cyclone Aides and I bonded quickly and I learned about many new places on campus I had never known about before. Meeting all of the new students and families at orientation was a blast! I loved waking up every day during June, walking to work, and interacting with new smiles and excitement coming from the eager students and their support teams.

I think the part I enjoyed the most about being a Cyclone Aide was the interaction with the guests. Being able to talk with people from all different backgrounds was an eye-opening experience. I learned just as much from the new students as they did from me. I enjoyed being able to guide guests to locations on campus, clarify information about Iowa State, and give them hints about how to survive their first year in college. While I was able to educate the guests, I was also growing in my own knowledge. I became a better public speaker, more confident in locations around campus, and I grew into a strong and positive leader.

Today I use my Cyclone Aide experience and in my everyday life. Walking around campus on a normal school day I feel more confident in helping someone who looks lost, or explaining class information to a fellow classmate who might be struggling. I also take the leadership knowledge I gained and apply it to other leadership positions I am in, such as being the cymbal section leader for marching band. Here I am able to be an organized, resourceful, and positive leader for my fellow cymbalists because of the practice and education I received as a Cyclone Aide.

If any of you are interested in perfecting or learning more about becoming a great leader, resource, or representative of Iowa State, I highly recommend applying to become a 2013 Cyclone Aide! The Cyclone Aide position is a paid leadership opportunity and I guarantee it will lead to new friendships, an awesome adventure, and gaining valuable life skills.

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Application deadline: October 1 at 11:59 p.m.

Online application link.

Questions? Contact Annie Olson, 515 294-5714 or

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