Homecoming Traditions!

I hope you all had a fantastic homecoming weekend! I sure did. A few friends and I went around to some of the displays out on Central Campus and took pictures with them; this was something we did spur of the moment last year, so we’ve decided to make it a homecoming tradition. 🙂

Homecoming displays

Homecoming Displays

After we had taken enough pictures to satisfy us, we ended up going to The Haunted Forest! I never went last year, and I’m not sure why since it’s just right out by Jack Trice Stadium! I really enjoy going through haunted houses and things like this so I was pumped. I, of course, couldn’t help screaming as we went through it though. Haha!

Haunted Forest

The workers there enjoyed toying with me while waiting in line, as you can see. I hope you can see the pure terror in my eyes! 😉

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