Hurricane Sandy

Like many of you I have been constantly checking on updates about the Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy. Times like this remind us all of the brave men and women who risk so much to keep civilians safe. The Coast Guard, police, firefighters and so many others have done a wonderful job of evacuating local citizens.

As a parents you can rest assured when you send your kids to Iowa State, you are leaving them in good company. As someone who has traveled abroad I know first hand that Iowa State is very proactive should any situations arise. This means that whenever students are on a field study, traveling out of the country, or participating in any school sponsored event, that the officials at Iowa State are in contact at all times with trip advisers and the local officials.

As a member of the Iowa State family, there are outreach programs to help in times of crisis, and there is a whole network of people who are there for assistance. Being a Cyclone and being a part of this university is more than just cheering on your favorite sports team. Being an Iowa State graduate is for life. Proud to be One.

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