Pioneering Winter Break!

It feels like a long way away, especially considering that we haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving break yet, but I am SO pumped for winter break this year! Why? I’m going on another alternative break program! This one is special, since it is the first ever winter alternative program that Iowa State has offered!

I am looking forward to spending a week in Chicago representing the ISU community at Misericordia! Misericordia provides a huge network of care and services for people with developmental disabilities in the downtown Chicago area. Having gotten the opportunity to learn a little bit more about homelessness as a social issue last spring, I am ready to learn more about another social justice issue first hand.

The Chicago Winter Alt Break team has already met a few times, and I can definitely tell that we are going to have some great memories and good times ahead! I’ll be sure to share more as the trip gets closer!

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