Registering for classes time!

Hey guys!

It was my turn yesterday! I just registered for classes. Yay! Luckily all the classes I wanted to get into were available, except one – English 302, like ALWAYS! Why does everyone want to take that class? Well, not that I really want to, more like I really have to. It should fit right there on the 11am-12:20pm time slot Tuesdays and Thursdays as soon as a section that I’m looking at opens up. They do, they always do. A person drops, or else…. THEY BETTER! 🙂 Ok. Enough with the hostilities. Registration sometimes does that to people…

I met with my adviser this week and she told me that I should be able to graduate on time! And there I was thinking I was behind and needed to take an extra semester. But if I’m diligent enough, I should be done with my BA in psychology in Spring 2014.

Registering for classes!

Here’s my schedule! Holler at me if we have any classes together! I could almost, ALMOST make it so that I only had classes Tuesdays and Thursday, but stupid Math 104 got in the way of perfection. Yes, another class I HAVE to take. Yippe! But other than that…I’m loving it right now.

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