Resources: Office Hours

It is beyond mind boggling to me that in the past two weeks I may have spent more time in office hours than in my freshman and sophomore years combined.

Office hours are time periods that professors set aside to allow students to come to their offices and ask questions regarding the class, homework, or material that has been covered. The length and days on which they are held vary by professor and can be found in your class syllabus more than likely. When  you arrive, there may be a student in the office already so you just have to pleasantly wait your turn.

My professors and classmates have been pretty good about sharing the hours. I’ve been visiting office hours to fill in notes, get questions answered, and to make sure I was doing homework problems correctly. Office hours are a good resource and I wish it hadn’t taken me three years to figure that out. If you feel the need go ahead and attend for whichever class you deem worthy.

ALSO, office hours are not the only way to get time with your professors. You can always email them or talk to them after class to set up a time and date that works for the both of you to meet.

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