The Beauty of Beardshear

Hello, I am Youssef and I am an International Student Ambassador from Egypt majoring in mechanical engineering.

I noticed this the other day, but if you haven’t already, Iowa State’s campus is full of interesting features, that make it beautiful at its best! Many of the buildings have fascinated me, but Beardshear Hall was the most interesting to me. It has a mixture of beauty and power, both working together into a great image.
Beardshear Hall
When I first came to campus, I speculated this building would stand for something and that it wasn’t an ordinary campus hall. I had an instant hint that it was some kind of a traditional landmark. I especially enjoyed how gigantic and simple the columns were in front of the building. I browsed through it and observed how exquisitely the designs and skylights were. It almost seems like it’s made to represent something great and royal. I wasn’t surprised when I was told it was the main campus building.

I merely had an urge to tell others about what I felt about this magnificent piece of art. Hence, I decided to share it with you, Iowa State community, so you also get to know me a little bit better. Yes, I appreciate art very much and Iowa State is just wonderful!

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