I Felt Like a Kid Again!

My little cousin needed some help with his school project, which I was more than glad to help!

He had to make up a holiday and write everything about it…it could literally be about anything. He decided to do it about the day some Canadian boys launched a LEGO man into near space using a weather balloon (video), a great accomplishment and so cool!–LEGO Man in Space Day! When he told me about it, I felt this kid inside of me crying to come out…I loved and will always love LEGOs.

He put together a book with all the information, among those, the “official symbol”, my little contribution:


Of course, he created the “holiday” all by himself…he did most of the work and everything was his idea, but his mom and I had to help on some things…for example, the “traditional food” given in the day of.

Camera Roll-284

We melted some chocolate candy, put it on that cool LEGO tray and waited…

Camera Roll-286

Then, when we saw the idea actually worked, we put it on cupcakes…


YES, LEGO cupcakes! Isn’t that the cutest and coolest thing you’ve ever seen? OK, I got a little excited helping on the project.

This made me think about my projects back in school as a little kid…oh, how I loved those! Do you remember your science projects and all those cool things you spent days on making, and you could get some little extra help from your parents? Kind of miss them, haha! Now I know how my mom felt. You never see how cool they are until you’re older. College sometimes makes me forget about it, but little things like this…they’re amazing!

If you want to know more about it, click here (the details and story!). I thought it was pretty interesting. A LEGO into near space, wow…

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