I Want Cold Weather…

I’m just kidding, but not totally kidding.

Florida had two crazy days of 40-50s weather and it felt awesome. It was kind of funny seeing people fully covered with scarves and all that jazz…I was only in a long sleeve shirt and could survive just fine. I guess I don’t get cold that easily anymore….

That made me think of snow, and stumbled up on ISU pictures after the blizzard. That’s when I figured that I missed Iowa State. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go back to something like this right now?


After the awful blizzard we can now say it’s a “White Christmas” after all, right?

I know I’m going to dislike it after being there for a month (most likely less, haha), but it just looks so beautiful, Iowa State just looks wonderful in the winter.

I’ll be back soon to see it myself!

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