Setting Up Your Net-ID

Hello folks!

As the semester came to an end, I found myself working on this new video aimed at incoming students! 😉 Setting up your Net-ID is an important step into becoming a true and official Iowa Stater! Your Net-ID is your identifier at Iowa State: when completing applications, when logging into your email, when logging into computers around campus, etc. It’s basically your ISU email without the 😉 How exciting is it to finally make it official!?

Take a look at this video for instructions on how to set up your Net-ID. I walk you through the process. We can’t wait to see your faces on this campus! 😀

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6 responses to “Setting Up Your Net-ID”

  1. Morgan Bahl says:

    Is it okay to sign up for it before Orientation?

  2. Madison Albers says:

    When were/are we supposed to receive our ISU card so that we can sign up for the Net-ID?

    • Mellanie Pérez Echevarría says:

      Hey Madison! You’ll be getting your ISU Card when you come in for orientation. However, you do not need it to sign up for your net-ID. Those nine-digits (your University ID number) were included in your acceptance packet. Have you gotten this already?

  3. Madison Albers says:

    Yes I figured it out. Thank you very much! Also, your blogs are awesome 🙂

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