Pre-Career Fair Opportunities

Hi! My name is Mike and I am a junior at Iowa State. I am a member of the Business Ambassadors and currently studying abroad in Wales.


The Business, Industry, and Technology Career Fair will be held February 13 from 12:00-6:00 pm. I’m going to share my experiences about my career fair process last fall and how it can help you.

I attended the career fair with the goal of landing a summer internship. I took advantage of the great events that Business Career Services set up for students, which led to receiving and accepting an internship offer. I will go into detail about two events which can greatly improve your chances of receiving an interview.

Pre-Career Fair night: Some of the clubs in the College of Business (MIS, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Management) set up Pre-Career Fair nights where employers are set up and looking to fill their open positions. The pre-career, in some respects, is better than the large career fair. For instance, the MIS Pre-Career Fair night only has companies looking for MIS majors and there are less people, meaning you can talk to more companies without having to wait in line. They will mostly tell you to come back to the career fair tomorrow but by attending this, it creates familiarity with the recruiter and it is a great conversation starter. Sometimes, as I was able to do, you can even get an interview from the Pre-Career Fair. Being able to talk to the recruiter multiple times will multiply your chances of receiving an interview.

College of Business Leadership Breakfast: This event is the morning of the career fair and it entails a delicious breakfast, with the ability to network with employers. I attended this in the fall and was able to talk to recruiters at the breakfast that later saw me at the career fair and led off the conversation talking about seeing me at the breakfast. This again, goes along with building familiarity with the recruiter.

These are just two ways you can greatly increase your chances of landing an interview. Every student in the College of Business looking for a full-time job or internship position should look into these events and take advantage of them.

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