So Iowa State is…big.

Hello my children.

So a question that comes up all too often is about Iowa State’s size.  How will you get noticed in the large classroom?  How will you get from place to place on campus in 10 minutes?  How will you make friends?

Well, I am here to tell you that there is no need to panic.

There are several simple steps that I will illustrate with the Internet’s oldest art form: The GIF.  (By the way this is totally irrelevant but GIF is pronounced like the peanut butter, not like in the word gorilla.  Don’t mess it up.)

And so, let the lecture begin.

Firstly, your classrooms probably won’t be that big. the only large lecture halls are with the best professors for that subject, and if you really are worried about being lost in the crowd, just keep going to class, sitting up front, and even talking to the professor.
You might be feeling all…
…when it comes to going to class all the time and actually getting to know your professors, but I assure you: it is worth it. And they WILL remember you!

Secondly, though Iowa State’s campus is large, you’ll be FINE going from class to class. Even if you are running from the furthest point to the other, your professors understand if you have that situation (make sure you tell them), and there are plenty of CyRide buses that run continuously to get you to classes and clubs on time.
I’ve run for the buses before. Don’t worry about looking like a fool. Just be like this chicken.
I regret nothing

Now, the “how will I make friends” question is just silly to me. ISU is like a shopping mall of friends, you just have to pick some! Everyone’s nice here. Don’t worry. You can form study groups. Even if most go like this:

And this…


Instead of study groups, you could join some clubs.

Yes. They’re fun. I promise. In Spanish Club today, we’re just going to eat chips and salsa and get to know each other. Sounds great to me.

I promise if you just are willing to give Iowa State a chance, you’ll love it.
I promise
Why do you think we’re such a big university?? Because 31,000 people also love it!!

Now as a reward for reading this far, here’s another final, funny GIF just for fun.

Apply today!

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