12 Phone Accessories to Help YOU Survive College

Hey y’all.

So I’m going to tell you today about some of the phone accessories I use that help me survive and thrive everyday here at school. Some you might find silly, but I promise, they’re all helpful!


So, these aren’t always considered a phone accessory. But when you’re busy working on a reading assignment and you want to just listen to the smooth jazz you have on your phone, they become necessary.
There are two categories of headphones. I made up their names.

The Efficients

These ones are small and get stuff done, and don’t have to be perfect. A lot of phones come with headphones which do the trick. I also have a bunch of little free ones from career fairs that I use too. They’re portable and get the job done.

The Serious Business Buddies

These huge cans are great for tuning everyone and their mother out. You can get some serious crap done wearing these.  Mine are AudioTechnicas and they block out any and ALL noise!


Okay, most people don’t consider these a phone accessory because everyone has one.  But not everyone has these chargers.  These ones are fabulous for on-the-go charging when you only have your computer, or even nothing else at all.

The ChargeCard

This is a Kickstarter project that has gotten all kinds of backers.  Basically, it’s a charger that fits in your wallet!  It plugs into your computer and any mobile device you have (I tried my iPad here).

The BoostTurbine

This handy trinket is my favorite charger of them all!  It’s from the company Eton, and basically, it’s a hand-crank charger.  It’s awesome when you’re on CyRide and you don’t have anywhere to plug in, but you just need a few more battery points so your distant lover can call you.  Or something.


Your phone case is the funky fresh thing that tells people about you from a distance.  It’ll show that you’re a klutz, a glamazon, a nerd, or that your favorite color is teal.  Now though I love a good novelty phone case, I admit that my favorite brand as a student is Incipio.


This case is GLAMOROUS. It’s shiny.  Plus this case will never fall off.  I tried taking it off like my normal dinky little case and it was solid.  Plus, it comes with a stand, a protective cover, and a screen cleaner!


This case is about as functional as you can get.  Not only does it have a built-in stand, it also (as the name says) can fit a credit card or ID in the back!  It’s perfect if you just have your phone and student ID around for an event where you can’t carry your normal big backpack.  Plus it looks good too.


This case is slim, yet tough.  It comes in a few colors (so you can be even MORE stylish), and it’s completely impact resistant, not humongous like some of the chunky cases out there, and it’s got both a flexible and a hard shell.  It comes with a screen protector, stand, and cleaning cloth too, who can beat that?
This is the free stand that comes with them. Bonus.


If you’re on the go, you’re going to want a headset.  Though I have a regular BlueTooth headset, the one I use most is my big classic phone plugin (see pic below).  This thing (there’s so many brands of them I can’t just name one) is fabulous.  If I’m typing something or walking around the apartment, I can easily fit the classic headset between my head and shoulder just like a normal phone, without straining my fragile neck.  I’ve just saved your tender muscles.  You’re welcome.

Phone Lenses

This is probably my favorite type of accessory for phones.  If you’re into Instagram like I am (see ISU’s Instagram), then you’ve GOT to try these out.  You can get them at Photojojo for a fairly reasonable price, and you will be able to make great ART.  Plus Photojojo has a mobile photography course called Photojojo University that’s really neat.  I took it, it’s pretty useful and you learn a lot about making your photos on your phone SPECTACULAR.

Here’s some of the differences between shots and the super sweet lenses!

Fisheye Lens
Telephoto2X Lens
Wide Angle Lens
Sweet, right??


Your phone is your constant, everyday thing.  You’re going to want to accessorize it to make it your own to make your college journey at ISU a bit smoother, and of course, more fun!

I posted the links to all of the company websites where you can get some of the more obscure accessories.  Check them out!

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