An Unexpected Birthday!

Birthdays over spring break could best thing or the worst thing in the world…depending on which situation you are in. I really thought mine was going to be kind of boring…since I was staying in Ames and many of my friends left somewhere else. I received calls (Skype/Facetime), texts, e-mails wall posts, cards, etc…very awesome things from people back home, family. I really love technology and the ways of communication nowadays!

Anyways, a regular Monday afternoon, one of my friends texts me and lets me know he is in Ames. Oh yes, I invited him to go out to dinner with me, plus 2 other friends that I didn’t even know were in town either! We went to Texas Roadhouse (the original plan was to go to Fuji Japanese Steakhouse but it was too windy out to walk 15-20 min!), ate deliciously and headed back to one of my friend’s apartment. What do I find there?

Camera Roll-534

CAKE!!! Do I have the best friends or what?

It was a simple yet unexpected and fun birthday after all. I really enjoyed this one, even though I didn’t get to do anything radical (except trying to walk on 30+mph winds against my face). I guess the unexpected “adventures” are the best memories you get…embrace those!

Hope you had a great break!

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