I like to have my fun in empty classrooms.

Hello dudes and dudettes!

There’s nothing like an afternoon spent in an empty classroom…nobody coming in and bothering, no professor lecturing his blah’s and um’s, and certainly not having to sit still for at least an hour. (I’m especially bad at this one). Maybe you’re thinking..” What is this girl even talking about? There’s nothing like laying in a coma in bed!” But what I’m trying to say is…there are a few “profound moments of depth” that I get a kick out of being on campus, and this is one of them.

Aside from enjoying the beauty of our campus and the sunshine/warm weather when the spring rolls around, one of the things I’m not about to forget when I leave this place for good is the feeling I get each time I sit in an empty classroom and look out the windows. There’s something about the way I am on the “outside looking in”…looking out at people passing by, at some couples holding hands, seeing the breeze shake the trees, etc…for a second I forget that I am a part of this place too. And the realization shakes me, when I think about all the moments I sat back home trying to decide where I wanted to go to college, all the moments when it was still up in the air, uncertain. And maybe it’s the fact that I see the semester moving so fast and realize that after this is done I will be a senior, that just puts everything into perspective. I won’t be here for too long. But then again, none of us will.

However it turns out to be, or wherever this journey takes you…make of a regular place on this campus (or wherever you are) a special one. May that be the same café you like to visit, the same corner of your favorite classroom where you like to sit down, or somewhere else. Make a playlist of songs for each month of your college career…Music helps construct your memories and when you listen to those a couple of years from now? You’ll be like ” Yes, this reminds me of that time I was going through that break-up…” Or something else that’s happy, too. Lol.

I certainly remember my Elm Residence Hall bathroom my freshman year every time I hear “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. They had a radio that played music while you showered. 🙂

And when I get to jump around tables like that in a classroom? I’m like ” Hah! Yeah! I was here too.”

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