My relaxing Spring Break!

Hello there everyone!

I’m back! How did you all enjoy your spring break vacations!? I hope you did more than I did. Although, I really can’t complain. Even though I did not get out of Ames…or better yet, out of a two mile radius of my apartment, I gotta say I sure do enjoy my vacays!

My days mostly consisted of waking up whenever I felt like it, doing Insanity (yeah, I started it about two weeks ago and hope my first-floor neighbors don’t already hate me), going to Café Milo for about four hours at a time pretty much everyday, and later in the night meeting a friend or two here and there. Most of my peeps either went back home, or were traveling somewhere, or were just doing their own thing. This is the thing about living by yourself…you have to be very intentional about going out and meeting friends. Accidental meet-ups don’t happen. Not sure how I feel about that currently, but it’s all good! The time that I had to myself I truly enjoyed. I mostly read my Bible when I went to Café Milo, read another novel I bought, talked on the phone, and browsed the internet a lot.

Didn’t do a TAD bit of homework and look at my face of preoccupation:


Yeah, I realize I should be setting a better example! Lol.

One of the things I DID do the first weekend was go home with one of my girlfriends from my Spanish Family Group, and two other of our friends to Perry, Iowa (so I did go out of my two mile radius…) We enjoyed some girl time, watched movies, played board games, and took pictures. Here are some of the ones I took! And this, my friends, is about my only record of this spring break. And dudes! Where is the warm weather! I can’t wait to play some sand volleyball and bike around.





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