Tuesday after class, I got back to my apartment and had a ton of things to do. I had to register for classes, do my homework, work on a project, and do laundry.

I somehow managed to get that all done and felt I had earned myself some much needed free time to relax and have fun. Some friends and I decided to go to the Cinemark Movies 12 Theatre to see Olympus Has Fallen because the previews on television have looked very interesting. We got to the theater and were pleasantly surprised that the tickets only cost $5 on Tuesdays!

After sitting through some previews of movies that all looked very good, minus one, the feature film started. From that point on I was on the edge of my seat, figuratively speaking. Olympus Has Fallen, in my opinion, was a great movie that most would enjoy. It had the action, drama, and suspense all mixed into one. I would recommend it to all movie lovers.

I would also recommend a trip to Cinemark Movies 12 on Tuesdays for fun at a low price. I even got to take an ID pic for Monsters University!


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