Music VS No Music: Study Tip

Oh, hello you!

The question above represents something we need to deal with everyday, right? Well, at least in my case it is. I personally couldn’t live the rest of my life without music. I have more than 2000 songs on my computer, and yes…I listen to all of them, haha.

The point here, dead week is here and you finally feel the need to lock yourself in your room or spend 24/7 in the library (well, if it was open that late), RIGHT? I know I do, but there is never one thing missing, music. It helps me study, do homework…everything. I don’t know about you, but listening to artists such as Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Owl City, or even some rock, just sets the mood and concentration I need to stay in the same spot for hours doing something productive. So here is there hypothesis: Does music really help you while studying? I’ll break this down for you, in advantages and disadvantages:

Music (Advantages)

  • It allows you to block any outside noises that might distract you. Your own little world.
  • Find some motivation in songs when you think you can’t stand it anymore.
  • There are always playlists made to specifically study or concentrate, Spotify, 8tracks, Pandora. No need to spend a lot of time selecting!
  • Like nature but is not near you? Internet/apps can bring them to you!
  • Drains your stress away? YES!

Music (Disadvantages)

  • Top charts music…you’ll end up singing/dancing instead of concentrating.
  • Discover a new song/artist you like and spend more time searching them than searching your homework.
  • iPod on shuffle, it might set the mood easily, but it can set it off with the wrong song just as easily (e.g. from Fun. to Metallica, uhhh).
  • Blocking yourself from others is not always a good idea, specially if you need opinions or ask questions.

NO Music (Advantages)

  • Dead silent places are always a plus.
  • Nature always brings that peaceful environment to read.
  • Hear other people’s thoughts. There are certain things that you just need to talk to someone else (e.g. presentations, study groups). If you block yourself from the group, you might miss a lot of helpful information.

NO Music (Disadvantages)

  • Way easier to distract yourself with outside things (e.g. people talking about the latest gossip!).
  • It’s really hard to find a “dead silent” space on campus.
  • People assume that you want to talk or are “available” to do so.
  • More time spent on putting your things together looking for the perfect place.

Of course, I assume people who don’t want music want complete silence…both are very hard to deal with, but one is less time consuming than the other–and the other is more social. It just depends on what you need to do. Try both of them. I stick with music because I have a very strong right side of my brain that sometimes tries to take over my logic side…which I need to study! What I’m saying here is that I need to distract my artistic side, while I let my reasonable side do all the other work–try to keep both of them happy 🙂 (yeah, I just gave them emotions…).

My conclusion is very ambiguous, and I’m sorry about that…but there is no right or wrong here. I gave you many things to consider though. If disadvantages are more present than the advantages, then there is a problem with your method. It’s entirely your decision and it will work differently for each one of you. There are studies that prove how music helps to study or work better, but for some people that might just not work.

Please don’t mind me, I’ll put my earphones in and walk to my next class!

I hope you are ready for the week of the dead!

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3 responses to “Music VS No Music: Study Tip”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am very much like you. In fact I am the only person on our campus with something stuck in his ears walking around, ignoring everyone, I have my friends, but they seem a little pissed off all the time and I haven’t figured out why yet. Anyhows, I just love mp3s, I see something with an mp3 attached to it or written on it, I instinctively want to have it. I have 9742 mp3 files on my drive, and they are always playing. I just love music so damn freaking much. I think I would die without music.
    I love your blog you guys, keep up the good stuff please. I have just found you.

    • Romina says:

      It’s always awesome to find people who love music as much as I do or even more (I do not have that many songs, congrats!).
      Thanks for checking our blog, and I’m glad you’ve come to like our posts. Keep checking us out for more good stuff!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just keep up the good work people, I have newly found you.

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