The Tearoom

Even after three years at Iowa State, I am still finding out about new activities on and around campus. This past Tuesday, one of my good friends invited me to attend a dinner that she said was for her class. At first thought, I was pretty confused about the invitation, but I accepted. The class she is taking is HRI 380: Quantity Food Production and Service Management Experience, if any of you may be interested. The class is designed to give the students practical food service management experience.

The dinner was held at the bottom floor of MacKay Hall in a room called the Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom, or Tearoom for short. The Tearoom also serves as the classroom for HRI 380. The servers and cooks were all students in the class. The Tearoom has seating for 105 guests and there are meals prepared Tuesdays through Fridays. My meal consisted of a lot of things that I’ve never heard of before nor would try, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. You can find the Tearoom menu and reservation directions online¬†here. I would recommend giving it a try one day instead of going somewhere on Duff Ave. and help out some of your fellow Cyclones.



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