Top 5 Places to Study During Dead Week*

Having been on campus for a while now, it’s no secret that the library isn’t exactly the best place to be studying during dead week and finals week. If you’ve never spent much time in the library this semester, but plan on being there next week to study in the hopes of boosting your study powers, the bad news is that changing your environment is not going to help you much. The library tends to be extremely crowded during the next few weeks. I personally get distracted at the library, so I came up with a list of other places to study on campus that will be less crowded, and in some cases, are open 27/7 for your study needs!

  1. West Lounge in the Memorial Union- This is one of my top nap spots on campus, but also one of the best study areas. It is quiet all day, and there are plenty of chairs and tables to get reading and other work done.
  2. Classrooms- It seems kind of weird, but using empty classrooms, especially after most classes are done for the day, are a great resource for quiet study space.
  3. Multicultural Center in the Memorial Union- This made the list namely for the fantastic white board walls and study nooks that are great for working out problems in study sessions.
  4. Ames Public Library- Sounds crazy, but this is a fantastic place to go for some real peace and quiet! This is one of my favorite places to study, especially as an off campus student since it is moreĀ convenientĀ to get to rather than driving into campus.
  5. The Commons in the Memorial Union- If you really need some late night study space, this is undoubtedly the place to be. The Commons are open late, and with the Nook and Cranny meeting spaces, you can easily claim some space for yourself long term.

Good luck studying over the next two weeks!

*Disclaimer: Not every study spot on campus will be “the best” for everyone. These just so happen to be mine. Be sure to explore campus to find your own study zen zone!

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