Campus Art Display

The other day I got to go on an art tour of campus, and even though I’m not really a big art fan or understand art fully I still thought it was really interesting.

Iowa State University is home to one of the largest campus public art programs in the United States! During the tour we stopped in Morrill Hall and man, I didn’t realize how much cool stuff there is in there! They have this really cool timeline in there with pictures and facts, which is pretty sweet!


Morrill Hall is home to a lot of Christian Petersen’s artwork. You may have seen his work around campus. Iowa State is where he decided to make the base of his professional art career.

The other cool thing about Morrill Hall is that they have a small museum inside, and the items in the museum get rotated in and out so the displays aren’t always the same! If you get bored sometime or just have some time in between classes I highly suggest checking it out!

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