Last Agricultural Business Club meeting

I have only had one major during my career at Iowa State; Ag Business. It has been a great ride and it is bitter sweet to see that it has come to an end. The last meeting of the year was a picnic at a local park where we grilled, had a meeting, and ate cake to celebrate a great year and a great group of graduating seniors. Seniors had a chance to share words of wisdom, favorite memories, and future plans with the club. The last guest speaker was John Kennedy from Land O’Lakes, an Iowa State graduate from Agricultural Business.

Ag Bus club

I would also like to recognize/thank Dr. William Edwards, retiring professor and club adviser, for his years of service, advice, and dedication to the club. He saw me on campus this morning between classes and said, “Nathan, it’s nice to see that you’re still going to class”. I laughed and quickly told him that “It was nice to see him still going to class as well”.

ag Bus senior panel

I will miss my friends and fellow Ag Business Club members but I will always carry the great memories of fall industry tours, meetings, and social activities close to my heart. Thank you to everyone in the Ag Business Club; it’s been a great ride!

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