Spring 2013 Commencement!

Hey there!

Graduation was last Saturday at 1:30pm in Hilton Coliseum. ย This was the first time that I went because I had a lot of friends graduating this time around. The place was packed, of course! And all the smiley faces were a contagious thing. Although, I couldn’t help but feel bittersweet emotions…just because I realize how fast time flies in college, and that I don’t really want to graduate yet. I don’t think I feel prepared to leave this phase behind. And just seeing everybody with their families, the proud faces of all the parents, the smell of new adventures lingering in the air just made it all too salient!


Here are some pictures I took with a couple of friends!


This is my friend Heather whom I met my freshman year because we lived next to each other, and we bonded with each other more than with our own roommates. ๐Ÿ™‚


These are my friends Tania and Yee Lung whom I met last summer when I stayed here in Ames working and rock-climbing a lot!



By extension, I met this wonderful group of Malaysian students, and most of them graduated this year!


My good friends Santiago and MJ!


And these girls…I don’t know them, but the moment was too nice to let it pass ๐Ÿ™‚

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