A visit to the town of Tarquinia.

And on our third day…

The group and I have been spending some really chill days here in Italy. Since it’s just 12 of us, we’ve made it a point to stick almost always together. There isn’t too much rowdy-ness going on, though. Most of us are actually pretty quiet and relaxed people. We’ve enjoyed having breakfast, lunch and dinner together. I already feel like I’m going to gain weight on this trip! But at the same time, we’ve been walking so much that I feel like maybe I’ll end up even more toned.


Yesterday was really fun! Our group from Iowa (5 out of the 12 that we are in total) took a day trip to the nearby city of Tarquinia. It’s about a 20 minute drive from Tuscania. Upon our arrival we met with a lady, who will actually be teaching one of our classes this summer, who served as our “tour guide” for the day. We visited an Etruscan Necropolis where we learned a lot about how Etruscan people did their burials. It was super interesting because it’s actually a process very similar to how the Egyptians built their tombs.




We got to see an amazing view from where the Etruscan Necropolis was located. After the Necropolis we visited an museum where we got to see all Etruscan archeological findings, like the stuff these people put in their tombs, etc. Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of this, we weren’t allowed to!





Before heading back to Tuscania for the day, we stopped by the Mediterranean Sea, which was minutes away from Tarquinia, and obviously took some jumping photos! You haven’t been to Italy if you don’t have one of these classics to back it up, right? 😉





It’s been quite the odyssey trying to get wi-fi around here!!! You know in the States there’s a Starburcks anywhere you go? Or not even just a Starbucks! Pretty much anywhere you go you can easily get wi-fi like it’s the air you breathe. But around these place wi-fi is a little bit more of a rare invention. I’m thinking it’s the whole small town thing, but it’s been quite the event every time there’s a place that says wi-fi available! We make a bee-line to it like there’s no tomorrow. Kind of sad, right? Lol.



Our day didn’t end there! Because right after we got back to Tuscania we decided to take a hike to visit the old Basilica in this picture:


AND to visit the nearby Necropolis….which we didn’t really find after walking a couple of miles! Fine, maybe not miles, but it certainly felt like we walked forever! A cute hitchhiking dog joined our little trip all the way there and back. All this walking made us feel a little bit better about all this gelato and pizza!


Classes start this Monday! EEEEEEEP!

Something interesting to note, is that here in Tuscania we’ve been really feeling how foreigners may feel in our country. Kind of like..we’re used to feeling like we’re the majority when I’m in Puerto Rico, or I’m in the States, but then here most of us do feel like the minority. Almost all the town knows us already, knows to watch out for us Americans strutting through town and speaking really, really bad Italian. 😉

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