First communion and interesting things.

Since I’ve been here in Italy, it’s been really interesting to witness how different people’s lives go about. Life seems that much slower, more thought out, as if there could possibly be time for everything during one entire day.


The other evening we had all made plans to make dinner in one of the girl’s apartments, and since communication is not our forte over here (most of our phones don’t even work here, aside for wi-fi), we had set up to met in San Marco Cafe, which is 1/3 places I can get wi-fi over here. (The second and third being my apartment and the university).

However, as we made our way over there we saw that the street leading up to it was swamped by people, and the cobblestone had some colorful designs on it made with what seemed like confetti. Around the middle, plenty of nuns and children dressed in white gathered around. We totally didn’t know what was going on, so we asked around and it seems like some kind of procession was going on. One of the girls in my group was really happy and explained to us that it was a ceremony for first communion for the children. I am not Catholic, so I didn’t know about these events, but we decided to stick around to watch! It sure turned out to be a nice thing to watch!







Days have been so beautiful here. We decided to camp out in this open green space that’s Tuscania’s version of Central Park, which we creatively named “The Green”.


We visited a ceramics artist in Tarquinia and wandered around his yard taking pictures. This is my favorite picture that I’ve ever taken of Kelsey. She’s so beautiful!




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