Minnesoooota Vaca :)

As promised, here I am to tell you about my family vacation to Minnesota last week! 😉

My parents, brother, and I traveled with my grandparents to Hackensack, MN last week to relax and try to catch some fish. Try being the key word here. It ended up being about 50 degrees there most of the time, so it was chilllllllly! Apparently the fish thought so too, since I’m pretty sure they were all hiding at the bottom of the lake to keep warm. I spent most of my time inside the cabin reading. (I read two Nicholas Sparks books back to back, so I was pretty emotional and my expectations for men and relationships skyrocketed. Just kidding! …But really.)

Since the fishing wasn’t awesome, we took a couple drives to some surrounding towns, including Longville and Walker. Most of our time spent there was spent in random gift shops, and I bought a cute little necklace for only 7 bucks! What a steal. 🙂

As always, the scenery was my favorite part of the vacation!



You really can’t beat a sunset over the water. 


We saw some Northern Loons in action! It is Minnesota’s state bird, and I think they’re awesome! And pretty. Awesomely pretty.

We had a bonfire to end the week, as always. My brother, Brady, and I got the special honor of burning my father’s Iowa Hawkeye sweatshirt! (Yes, he used to be a Hawkeye fan, but those were dark times. I think I’ve allowed him to see the light since attending Iowa State.)


Okay, so I may have lied earlier when I said nature was my favorite part… This was pretty great, too. Go Cyclones!

Overall it was a relaxing week, but now it’s back to reality and the joys of Iowa!


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