Preparing to go to Italy!

Whoooosh! What an interesting week that was, the one before I traveled to Italy. There was a ton of things going on, so I kinda just wanted to be around my friends and stuff before I left, but at the same time I was juggling random things and to-do lists of things I had to get done before I left.

For example, I had to get my passport renewed, although I managed to do that in April. I was also set on retouching my highlights before I left. My boss recommended I go to Finesse in Somerset. So awesome! I’m totally recommending them too. I also had to buy a suitcase because the one I had was way too big and uncomfortable for this trip. Plus, I also had to get a electricity converter, a bag for my camera. And, organizing freak that I am, I also wanted to plan out my outfits. And that, my friends, didn’t end up happening.

And the night before the trip? Chaos! I basically cleaned and scrubbed my apartment sore. The logic behind that was that I wouldn’t have to do it later when I came back in August 😉 Duh! And I also packed my entire suitcase that day, did laundry, cleaned out my fridge, etc. I didn’t go out of the apartment entirely until after dinner time to go visit a friend in her apartment and play with her cat. 🙂

Here’s a video of such chaos-ness. 😉 I thought it would be fun to later see this and be like ” WOW! Day before my life changed! (I hope!) 😉

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