Iowa State’s top 10 places to meet your spouse!

Hey now, I know you’re all excited!

Upon our weekend in Sorrento, Italy, my friends and I ended up talking about what could be the best places to meet your future spouse once you got to college. This was all good fun and we had a couple of laughs while doing this, so don’t take it all super serious. When I thought about the places at Iowa State that lend themselves (personally) to a good ” Hello, my name is…” ;), these spots came to mind:

1. The fourth floor of the library. If you want somebody to take you seriously, you don’t go sit by Bookends Cafe or in the vestibule area of the library (that’s where everyone goes to talk and wait for the bus to come). If you want to be taken real serious (go-getter and organized as you are πŸ˜‰ ), you’ll most likely be sitting somewhere in the fourth floor area. There are only a few tables and it’s mostly quiet, people are for sure not to be wasting time. I wouldn’t recommend tiers area because it’s way too quiet and “biz” like, people usually sit meters from each other!

2. Courtyard Cafe. Of all the cafes on campus, I gotta say this is probably my favorite. Unlike Caribou which is always bursting with people, the Courtyard Cafe is located in a more private part of campus, where people usually go because they definitely know about it. It can be bursting with people too during lunch hours and during winter because typically everyone wants that yummy turtle mocha. During the afternoon it has one of the most relaxing and cozy ambiances. It’s perfect to go sip your coffee, absorb yourself in a good book, and maybe also talk to that cute girl/guy sitting across from you! πŸ˜‰

3. That “Psychology of Women” class. Well, well, well. I gotta say that when men are enrolled in a class like this…it definitely says something about where their interests are. I was enrolled in this class two semesters ago, and I can say that for every seven girls there was one guy, and most of them demonstrated an interest and respect for women that was impressive considering they were voicing it in front of so many of our kind! Lol. In a class like this there’s a lot of talk about the relationship of women-to-men, so it’s helpful for both genders to know each others opinions. It also sets a nice setting to meet somebody whom you have things in common with relationship-wise!

4. A language class. There’s a couple of ways to know is somebody is cultured or not, and I think the knowledge of languages is one of them. It’s not only about knowing them, but it’s about being interested in them. When you meet someone in your language class, you instantly have somebody to practice with and potentially someone who you can spend lots of time with. This will set up a perfect situation in which you meet someone you can discuss cultures, interests, and dreams.

5. ISU AfterDark. The Memorial Union is a perfect place to meet people. There’s so many things going on in it. There’s people eating in the dining area, there’s people reading books in the bookstore, people grabbing coffee in the market place, etc. But I think one of the best situations in which you can meet somebody is during ISU AfterDark. It takes place in the Memorial Union the first Friday of every month and it’s all fun and games! The student club that organizes it plans fun activities like bowling, bingo, comedians, photo booths, dance classes, and even laser tag! I usually go with a crew of my friends, but along the night we meet a whole bunch of new people because friends start saying hi to people they know and the next thing you know your group grew from three cats to 10!

6. Central Campus. When the weather is nice and the birds sing, people love to go to central campus and lay down in the middle of the afternoon to do homework, eat lunch, take a nap, or even play Frisbee. It’s one of the liveliest spots in the fall, summer, and spring. Obviously, nobody wants to be out when it’s snowing, but even then people find time to go to central campus for a good snow ball fight orΒ  to make a snow angel. It’s a good place to bring friends and join in a game of ultimate Frisbee, take pictures, and talk to people!

7. State Gym. I include this one because I picture myself last year when I stayed in Ames during the summer, spending lots and lots of time at State Gym, specifically the rock-climbing wall. I met a whole bunch of people whom I had a lot of things in common with because we enjoyed the same hobbies together. I joined one of the Outdoor Recreation Program trips to Minnesota in the fall and met even more people then! For those sporty people, this is a great place to get involved in the campus community and join co-ed intramurals, fitness classes, etc.

8. The M-Shop. One of our concert venues at Iowa State! Yes, yes, for those of you who don’t know, the M-Shop hosts many bands and concerts through the school year where lots of different singers from different genres showcase their talents. Having music in common is one of those things that while we may mostly set it down, we know makes an impact with people and tells us a lot about their interests or who they are. It’s one of those topics that never goes wrong and serves as a conversation starter. Take advantage of the many concerts hosted here and bring yourself and a few friends over! You’ll most likely end up meeting people whom you have musical interests in common!

9. Multicultural Student Center. This one is also in the Memorial Union. People come here to lounge around between classes or after to study, sip the smoothie they bought at the market, and browse on the computers. There’s even a TV where people come watch soccer games. I haven’t seen it ever be on anything else but sports channels. Lol. But anyway, sometimes I sit here and just relax for a while and see a lot of people doing the same. It’s the perfect place to strike a conversation with somebody you don’t know and not have it be awkward because the setting is void of crowds of people and loud noises. It’s typical that people want to vent about the amounts of work they need to do, so unless someone has their earphones plugged in and is clearly not interested, go for it!

10. In your intro. to biology lab. It’s not the same thing sitting in your biology lecture and drooling over your arm. When you look around you, rest assured that you’ll see a lot of people doing the same thing. It’s hard to meet people in lecture halls because it’s so crowded! But when you go to your lab, the classrooms are so much smaller and one-on-one. You can work with people hands on and meet new friends! I personally still say hi to people I met during my biology or chemistry labs because we spent so much time working together and emailing each other questions, studying together for practicals, etc. It’s a good setting to gauge how serious people are, their personality against stress, and how people work together. Thumbs up! Haha!

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3 responses to “Iowa State’s top 10 places to meet your spouse!”

  1. Jasmeet Singh says:

    Number one on my list would be Campustown !

  2. Rajhul says:

    Follow your dreams and everything else will follow. I’ve seen people become spitful and get hurt for making bad decisions and rushing to relationships. You dont need to find your spouse at ISU. Just get a deggree, a good job , and the rest will be at your feet.

  3. Allen Tierney says:

    I think you missed a big one. The marching band. If you go through our Alumni, there’s a weird number of them that share the same last name with another old band member.

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