Wedding Season and How to Cope

There comes a point in the life of every college student where your college friends start getting married. There comes a scarier point in your life when people you graduated high school with are also married and having kids. For some reason I can handle my college friends doing the family stuff, but my high school friends? That’s just crazy talk, especially since I channel my inner Julia Roberts.


That’s right, I’m in a committed relationship with pizza.


My fellow bloggers may have advice on what to do with your high school boyfriend or girlfriend, or the best places to find love on campus, but in my opinion there’s only one thing you need to handle relationship woes: pizza.

Pizza is not needy, doesn’t require many worldly goods to feel appreciated, and is a great accessory to whatever you’re wearing. Pizza can be your plus one at a wedding or party, not to mention people are going to think you’re pretty cool for having pizza hang with you all the time.


During this wedding season, be sure to bring pizza with you. Trust me. As a person who has been in such a committed relationship with pizza, I can highly recommend it.


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