Unfinished AND Looking forward to….

*Sip, sip, sip*

*Drip, drip, drip*

Are the only sounds I hear around these parts. I am currently in Puerto Rico, where me and Dexter Morgan have started a serious relationship. It’s been raining like crazy and all I’ve been doing is drinking full glasses of water…you can bet I’ve started to go nutzo about the things to be done before I make it back to Ames.

And excited too! Sure, sure. Haha. It’s always exciting to head back to a very new beginning of awesomeness. 

On the top of my list is …buy my ticket back to Ames? Hah! For reasons I will not be explaining, I’ve yet to secure my return ticket before classes. But fear not, my plan is to get on a plane around the 20th of august to be comfortably early before classes start on the 26th!

I still need to buy my books, which are waiting on my scholarship money to come back to me 🙂

Heck, I’ve yet to finish my class schedule! I have a good rough draft, but since girl over here is still trying to figure out if she’ll stay a fifth year at ISU and finish up a second major…girl isn’t 100% sure she won’t add another class.

My beautiful and cozy studio apartment back in Ames is waiting for me…unpaid! Lol. That sounds terrible, but I have rent due….and I’m a broke college student.

I also want to rewrite my resume fresh so that I can look for another job when I get back! I can’t seem to take my favorite places off my mind…Stomping Grounds? American Eagle? Arcadia Coffee Shop, Cafe Baudelaire, Gap Factory Store? I want it all!

I, also, want to get back in shape. Do you think that after so much traveling I worked out ever? Nope, nope, this girl did not and is feeling the effects.

…I want to get my highlights redone before classes start so that’ll be, when? I mean…if I make it back to Ames. 😉

And last, but not least, I’m also looking forward to having my laptop back which is in intensive care because my hard drive crashed. 🙁 RIP.

And then hopefully, I can do all of the above. 😉 

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