Apply for VEISHEA!

You may be thinking, “Why is Amanda blogging about VEISHEA now? Doesn’t she know we haven’t even made it through September yet?” Okay… I know if might seem a little early to be thinking about VEISHEA already… but that’s not true! You should be thinking about it NOW! And here’s why:

Last spring, I was pretty involved on the VEISHEA Entertainment Committee as a Student Performances Co-Chair. I had a blast and gained a lot of leadership and communication skills, as well as made a lot of new friends!

Well, VEISHEA is now accepting applications for the VEISHEA 2014 Committees! If you’re interested in being involved in this awesome campus event that basically everyone is familiar with, you should apply! Click here to go to find the application. Along the left side of that page, you can also find descriptions for each of the committees so that you can have a general idea of which one you think you would like to do the most!

You’ll learn so much by filling any position on a VEISHEA, and everyone really does play a vital part in making VEISHEA week a success in the spring. Plus, it’s a pretty nice thing to have on your resume! (And with career fairs coming up, who isn’t thinking about that?)

The committee apps are due by October 4th, so you’ve got a few weeks to think about it. But don’t procrastinate too long! This is a great experience you don’t want to miss out on, take my word for it. 😉

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