Do You Want a Puppy?

Hey guys!

So…do YOU want a puppy? I know you do. A very cute, tail-wagging, adorable puppy? Well, I bet some of you CAN’T have puppies at all because of dorm rules, location, roommate allergies and whatnot. But…do you?

Guys…guys! I have the solution for you. There’s this thing that happens every year called Rent-a-Puppy. The Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority hosts this by the south campanile lawn for two days…and guess what? It’ll happen this week! They are dogs brought from different dog shelters around Iowa and a variety of breeds! It costs $10 to rent one for half an hour or $15 as a group of people. Also, you can get treats and toys to play with them on the space provided! Bring friends, rent a dog and help the ladies of this sorority!

I did it last year twice. Two different dogs:

Camera Roll-1225

FARRAH! This cute boxer mix!

Camera Roll-1242

And, IZZIE/IZZY! A mini pinscher!

I’ll for sure make time to stop by either or both days they’re there because I’m a puppy lover. I’ve never had the opportunity to have dogs growing up, so whenever there’s an opportunity to have one…I take it!┬áDid I mention you could also adopt them? What are the chances?!

Remember, Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of September (THIS WEEK!) from 10am to 5pm, south campanile lawn. Mark those days, because you can get the opportunity to have a dog for half an hour and help the community! It could also be a stress reliever for your week!


I mean…how can you say NO to this:

Camera Roll-1218

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