Love is in the Air, Love is in AfterDark, Love is Everywhere!

Who said you couldn’t find love on campus?

Like fellow Cyclone Life blogger Mellanie mentioned in an older post (Iowa State’s Top 10 Places to Meet Your Spouse), AfterDark is one event to consider adding to the list. What a better example than the last AfterDark event!

What? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, let me fill you in. The AfterDark President and Activities Director got engaged at the last event. I’ve been around enough to also tell you that they happened to meet at AfterDark!

Photo courtesy of Anika Ehlers.

Photo courtesy of Anika Ehlers.

But that’s not entirely the point of this. As a college student, you never know what you’ll end up doing and your adventures…or who you’ll end up with. I know there is the typical “I need to focus on my studies”, and that is probably one of the main reasons one doesn’t involve in a relationship in college at all. But, when you do…where do you find that someone?

I think the place itself doesn’t really matter, but what you do there┬áis what does. My point is, as the example I gave above…this couple met while being involved in something they both enjoy doing! If you volunteer around campus, have this random regular study place at the library, have a lab with designated partners, have that regular spot for a class, eat at the same place around the same time every day…in countless routines you may perform, you can find that someone–without even the intention of looking.

Oh, no! That means you have to look pretty all the time!

No, don’t worry about that, haha. But in all honesty, I believe that’s how it works. If you spend most of your time looking in all sorts of places, you will indeed waste your time. It’s true when they tell you don’t need to find someone in college. Key word is need. But if it happens, it happens and you embrace it, right?

If there is no time, you’re probably right…don’t rush yourself into something that feels out of place or interferes with your personal well-being. But if you happen to casually meet this person who you instantly clicked with since day 1–don’t let that opportunity slip from your fingers. Try that out, and…I don’t know, he/she could end up being your future spouse! You could end up like this couple!

Don’t rush things up. Don’t spend your whole time looking for something to happen. Expect the unexpected. Be open to opportunities!

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