Why you should study abroad.

Hey honey bunch. You’re incredibly beautiful, but that’s the least interesting thing about you.

Let’s add something more interesting to your long list: you should study abroad.

Now, I hear all the time that people get nervous going abroad, or they don’t know any foreign languages well, or they can’t afford the money nor the time. Don’t think that way.

This is why you should study abroad:

  • It’s the easiest, fastest way to learn a new language or brush up on one you haven’t used in a while. When I studied in Spain, I hung out with the Spaniards more often than the Americans, and I’m so happy I did. When you get to know people who speak a language, you simply understand the language more. Plus, the locals are usually pretty excited to help you out.
  • You CAN actually pay for it. If you’re at Iowa State and you’re coming from out-of-state, oftentimes the tuition at the university abroad is cheaper than that of ISU! In addition to that, there’s TONS of scholarships available that most people don’t apply for. Get on that. If that’s not enough, get a job. It’s worth it.
  • You’ll still be able to graduate on time. As long as you plan everything well (don’t take 12 credit semesters, for example), you’ll definitely make the deadline. A semester abroad is worth the extra time in the library.
  • You’ll more likely get a job. When an employer hears that you’ve studied abroad, they know the following: You probably know another language, you’ve communicated with people of many different backgrounds, you’re risky but responsible enough to survive in a different country. We’re an increasingly global economy, and if you have these skills under your belt, who wouldn’t want to hire you?
  • You’ll grow up. I spent only a semester in Spain, but I learned so much about myself as a communicator, a student, and just as a person in this world, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I took risks and reaped rewards that I never would have at home, I tried new foods, I leaned to read a paper map better than ever before. I could never have done all of that in such a short amount of time as I had in Spain.

I never regret going to Spain my sophomore year, and I think about that semester literally every single day. I can’t emphasize enough how much I think you should get out there, so I’ll just leave it at this: Do it.

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2 responses to “Why you should study abroad.”

  1. George Cristiano says:

    1) Learning a new language is definetly worthed ,but you must take the time to practice and be outgoing once in the country. If you are more introverted like me, It is also a bit of a challenge

    2)Cassidy, I’d love to here how much you paid for it

    3)”You’ll” more likely to get a job. Well recuiters are impressed in foreign skills and languages, but only if they have business in that country. It’s not a deal breaker if you do .

    You’ll grow up is very important to have for those that haven’t already matured yet. If you are 26 and worked multiple jobs to afford getting into college, you already know of some of the hardships of the adult life.

    Great post Cassidy

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